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2019 Reader Question 9

2019 Reader Question 9 published on 14 Comments on 2019 Reader Question 9

Hard to really know what’s weird when it’s something that’s normal for you. Jubjub’s growing a new set of wings is a lot like growth spurts for humans. Only with like, an extra set of limbs. Okay, so it’s weird and Rupert should probably be more concerned about it than he is.

Rupert is way more confused/grossed out by human teeth, honestly.


I have some species of my own that have this issue, males growing new “parts” when they reach puberty (for one, a feathered “shroudruff”, for the other, a set of vestigial wings, both to attract the ladies). And yes, makes sense teeth would be gross to a creature that doesn’t have any.

I am terribly sorry for repeating this message, but I do have a question, which I wouldn’t mind getting answered just through text.

What are the heraldric animals? Are they spirits that represent the nations that portray them? Or are they flesh and bone beings that people used as symbols later on?

Alas, poor Rupert. I can see how Actual Exposed Bones that fall out and are replaced with Bigger Exposed Bones would seem nasty and weird.

As far as questions go though, I’m wondering about animal totems that represent a species. If a totem were to die of unnatural causes (if they even can), would that hurt the species they embody? Or is it just a one way road of species extinction = totem death?

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