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Jim don’t look so enthusiastic about the story.
And yay new page!

Was is a crow? Or was it a Ravin?

The crow in the second panel looks tremendously more derpy than in the first. It’s hilarious to me.

So… Ravi is everything? If he is whatever form he takes, then, technically, he is EVERYTHING … He should probably be feared, but he doesn’t care about any of that.

Jimmy’s pose. Same bro, same

Historically, the Yaksha are nature spirits. That’s probably obvious in hindsight, since the “Finn Curse” so far is the power to control fire, water, or plants (earth).

In terms of power, depending on whose literature you are reading, they are sometimes as powerful as gods, or just one step down from that. In Buddhist literature, for example, they are essentially the Gods’ Secret Service… that is to say, the bodyguards *of* the gods. That should tell you everything you need to know about just how powerful Ravi really is.

You know in Greek mythology all things came from the earth mother Gaea which makes everyone an earth spirit. But there where something’s that made you truly an earth spirit like if you had magical powers. If you didn’t then you would be a regular mortal. Also there many different types of earth spirits. So I guess I have said way to much but I still need to ask. Isn’t there of Ravi’s people somewhere or is he the last of them like Michael and her long lost cousin are for the Spinx’s?

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