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Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Page 4

Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Page 4 published on 38 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Page 4

Okay I know he’s not making a very good first impression here but BLoodcarver swears that Dis Pater is actually a great leader and a good dad and not terrible. He swears! We caught him on a bad day is all.


He’s the cranky grndpa with PTSD from the war

I wonder how Michelle will manage to convince this guy.

Oh dang. He doesn’t even want to return to the mortal world. What was even the point of taking Michelle? Poor Bloodcarver. He really is trying his damnedest. He never wanted to kidnap Michelle, but how much choice did he have? Would Dis Pater have attacked his family next had he failed again? I’m worried he might get attacked again for all this “back talk” he keeps giving.

If Dragons cannot live on the surface, then no Sphinx shall, either.

I mean, he could have had her maimed. Or outright killed. But instead, he engineered for someone to drag her down to Dis.

“The sphinxes must suffer as we have!”

Ok, yeah I can see that, even if he does see Dis as home and doesn’t want to leave. I would say that’s an awful lot of effort to go to for one sphinx, but it is obvious the war has made this dragons mind a tad bit unhinged and crazy people bent on vengeance don’t always make the most sense.

It is seen in other dragons that they care for their families and have even been willing to ASK for help in the past, so I wonder if Dis Pater was always cruel enough to so severely hurt those under his care or if this was a slow decent into madness brought on by where they live or the after effects of the war.

he might just want to kill her personally and bloodcarver was not told why he was to bring Michelle and so presumed that it was to get her help in moving out of hell Dis

Had he wanted to kill her personally … why is she still alive? He has made no aggressive moves. Possessive, yes…

I think he’s lost his marbles, between the war, having been hunted by humans (and any other mythos mad at them for the sphinx / dragon war), having to make a deal with the devil, AND being trapped in Dis for centuries.

Someone get this dragon on Facebook. Wait, is Facebook around yet? Nevermind.

The story is set in 2k5.

Wasn’t until ’06 that it went fully public; it was more or less US / Canadian Universities and various tech companies prior.

MySpace, on the other hand…

Yeah, though this comic looks fairly modern, that’s largely because we spend a lot of time in Dis and Avalons which don’t really date it.

This is, in fact, a period piece, set in a time that some adult readers probably barely remember.

I feel old and so should you (unless you are an adult reader that barely remembers back then).

Bloodcarver keeping Michelle protected under his wing the entire time is so sweet.

He looks so sad with the broken horns/ears? understanding german he is calling him Dis Pater which Is my/our Father. Apparently, Father is rough and more than likely got some extreme opinions being a survivor of the sphinx/dragon war. Protecting Michelle like that speaks VOLUMES on just how hard Bloodcarver is trying to keep her safe and give his people freedom.

the tropeognathus up there can cool his jets and take his “calming down medicine” before he ends up getting killed in some sort of final battle for dragon freedom. I’m thinking either “can you hear the dragons sing” or “one eternal limbo more” for a backing track…

Remember when Bloodcarver was the Oh-My-Ducking-Jeebuz-That’s-A-Fricken-Trucking-Ass-Huge-End-Boss-Doragona! ? :D

“You weren’t there, little Bloodcarver…”
“Oh, gee… Daaa~aaad. Not in front of my new friend. Sheesh…”

Yeah, well, if I had a bunch of five-inch deep gashes in my hide, I’d probably be Mr. Meek in front of that guy, too.

True. But it’s just such a contrast. XD

Also kinda makes his name look like some emo-name…

“Or should I say… Robert?”
“Daaaa~aaad! We talked about this. I’m Bloodcarver Firesoul now.” XDXD

Wonder how it would feel to be given a “badass” name like that by your parents. Just flailing your appendages with 0 power everywhere, having that 100 power sharp babynail grip, pulling at people’s hair and anything else in reach and the priest goes:
“And what name have the parents chosen for their darling child?”
“Viscerasmasher Severus Smith.” (darn those Potter-fans…)

Yeah, the outside world will kill you in the blink of an eye…
But so long as he keeps all the dragons down here, he has absolute control over them.
And never dare question him, because YOU don’t know what REALLY happened….

Typical control freak/Jim Jones kult leader syndrome.

I’m really fascinated with Dis Pater’s design! A few pages back you could see tombstones, and the designs on them all had the crossed inward-growing horns Dis Pater also has, and I’m just wondering if that’s a thing for dragons? Bloodcarver doesn’t have horns but maybe because he’s young? Or another type of dragon? Does Dis Pater’s kind have horns that keep on growing until they grow inwards and…? (I hope not, that would be a really awful way to die, like squirrels or mice with their teeth)

Oh, I get it.

Dis Pater’s in charge of this colony of dragons. He likes being in charge. If they go back to the mortal plane, he won’t be in charge any more. He has no intention of helping or facilitating anyone leaving.

Michelle could help dragons leave. She’s the key to a door he wants to keep locked. She has to die.

I don’t think he has any idea how much magic she’s commanding at this point, however unpracticed she may be. Flat-out and toe-to-toe, she could likely overwhelm him if he’s counting on magic and nothing else. On the other hand he knows things about Dis that he doesn’t, has had opportunity to “prepare the ground” and may have the support of dozens of younger dragons in Bloodcarver’s generation.

He’s had a thousand years to lie about this, to younglings who have no word but his on what actually happened. We have no idea what they believe. On the other hand he seems more than a little bit unstable, and “Father” or not may have inspired distrust in the new generation as well.

The question here is whether Bloodcarver will turn, once Dis Pater fully shows his agenda.

The question once the dust settles is what kind of people are dragons who’ve been raised in a dismal, hopeless place with no opportunities before them, by an abusive, nearly-mad single parent? I’ve known human children from similar circumstances, and that’s a lot to overcome. Letting them loose on the mortal plane may require supervision and vigilance of a quality I don’t know if anyone can provide.

Honestly.. the Father sounds like pretty much any old war vet, explaining why we cant go forgiving the people who they had to fight. Not saying its correct, but it IS kind of understandable, if you remember he was LITERALLY the only adult survivor from that time.

An old racist war vet.

Michele had nothing to do with the war. Knows nothing of the war except that it happened, the Dragons had to flee to Dis, and only a few Sphinx managed to go into hiding… to the point that she’s the only one that anyone knows of, now.

His entire beef with her is nothing more than ‘BUT SHE’S A SPHINX’.

Dis Pater evidently spent all of Bloodcarver’s youth telling him stories about how awful and scary it was on the mortal plane. So imagine being BC, finally being sent there on missions and finding out it’s… …actually a lot better than where you live? Imagine flying over the ocean in the real world compared to what we’ve seen of Dis so far; it would seem extraordinarily beautiful and alive. Dis Pater’s stories might paint earth as a terrible place but also would have made clear they’re exiles from their true home, and that’s the part that’s stuck with BC.
The way that BC describes “all of us” being told these stories implies that there’s a lot of other dragons of his generation, ones without first hand knowledge of the wars who might support returning. Maybe he and Michelle will make the case to them? (If Pater here doesn’t try to flambé her first)

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