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several statues of “father”

how much vanity does one need, in a world where everything fade quickly, to force other to constantly spend effort into carving and placing statues of oneself instead of seeking essentials ?
especially as those statue will fade long before the model does .

like many abuser, father gaslight his follower into thinking that they should be glad to have the little they have, that they dont deserve more and would never be able to get more than what he provide, and that the outside world is dangerous and hostile

I wonder if the monuments are a misguided sense of purpose Father is trying to give the dragons. Life isn’t hard here, just meaningless, it’s not like they will starve, or be attacked if the don’t defend against that, but I can see boredom leading to discontent. giving them the job of making monuments may be more busy work than abuse.

Consider that Bloodcarver earlier stated that anything built crumbles quickly into nothingness again. The statues must be very short-lived. The demand that they be made when they are labor-intensive, begin to disintegrate almost immediately, and serve no useful purpose seems unnecessarily cruel in terms of ‘ways to evade boredom.’

I swear to god if anything bad happens to Bloodcarver I will astral project myself into the comic and give him the hug he deserves

well first you need to believe in yourself, as that is the only way to get the raw power to do that. after that I would sudgest to eat a bunch of kale, as you body and soul with take a beating doing that, so better be as healthy as you can be.

Wait, a tad confused. I thought Bloodcarver brought Michelle here on orders, if it wasn’t his idea, then why was she wanted?

It appears Father here just wants to be a racist jerkbag. I assume he wants to exterminate her before she can get any reasonable amounts of power. There’s also the likely ideas of torture and jailing. But I bet he’ll just want to kill her.

Had he wanted that, she’d be dead already, I think.

My perception is that he wants a sphinx – ANY sphinx – no matter how far removed they are from the sphinxes of old, no matter what kind of being they are… to stand in the stead of the sphinxes of yore for ‘punishment’.

I think he just wanted Michelle brought there purely to imprison her and keep her there forever.

He’s content to have everybody stay trapped in this place forever.
He doesn’t want things to change, but he knows a sphinx can free everybody.
Trap the last living sphinx in a place where she can’t do anything, and his problem is solved.

This is looking to me like a very classic pattern of abuse. The abuser does whatever he (or she) has to do, to keep the abused in his (or her) power. Even if it’s horrible for both the abuser and the abused. The abuser fears losing that power more than they fear a life in continued misery.

Michelle is the sole entity who could make it possible for the new generation of dragons to live on Earth / In the Mortal Plane. That would break Father’s control over them.

In order to make sure the new generation of dragons doesn’t escape his power, he has to either kill Michelle or else be such a complete jerk as to convince her that dragons are intrinsically evil and therefore must NEVER have amulets.

Lucky for him, if he tries for the first and fails it’s likely that he’d achieve the second by default.

*EXCEPT* if there’s rebellion. Bloodcarver here standing opposed to this plan runs the risk of convincing Michelle, even if she survives, that there are non-evil dragons, and therefore medallions that would allow the rest to escape are not necessarily prevented. Bloodcarver is fucking up Father’s plan by being sympathetic.

Logically, on the chance that he might not succeed in outright killing Michelle, it has now become necessary that she must witness him killing Bloodcarver painfully.

Michelle reaching out to him in that fourth panel, just, holy crap. She went from super mad at them all, to super empathetic with Blood right away.

And I’m really scared for him now.

I think she’s realizing, very quickly, what position Bloodcarver was put into, the situation he’s in and what led to this point in time.

And that she and him are very much alike in that. Neither asked for the situation they’re in, but they’re in it, nonetheless. And decisions are being made that impact their lives and they have little say in the matter.

The kids say the darnest things, am I rite? XD

This is really playing out like some fantasy family sitcom… And I’m loving it. <3

Any minute now Bloodcarver will storm into his cave and start playing K-Pop to the max, with Father yelling "You stop listening to that ping-pong music right now, young dragon! Why can you listen to proper Death Metal like your darling little sister Screaming Slasher?"

So I just went back to Orientations to check…. Bloodcarver did not have those ridges/scars on his neck and shoulder back when he first kidnapped Michelle, and I don’t think it’s just an art shift to blame. Dis Pater roughed him up pretty damn good. I’m more and more ready for Bloodcarver to overthrow the mean old croc and become new leader of the dragons. Our boy deserves better.

Something that’s occurred to me is that Bloodcarver was the one who went out to do this. The Father *selected* Bloodcarver to go out and get The Sphinx (whether by name or not), which is either because of reliability, sheer power, or some combination of the two.
And yet Bloodcarver has begun standing up to him to this level from just a few days at most on Earth.

This is not a good thing for the Father, not if he wants to rule.

In Orientation part 5 Bloodcarver says that he is Father’s second. Or in short the one who is supposed to carry out the orders of Father. That would make it normal for Father to send him to bring back the sphinx.

So I see, yes. Which makes it even more worrisome that (1) he resorted to such violence, (2) that it isn’t usual for even the Father’s second to answer back, and (3) that Bloodcarver is opposing him so.
Seems quite… dis-potic.

I wonder when we’ll get to see Bloodcarver’s wife – or if we already have seen her and not been informed of the fact.

He’s pretty emo for a dude called “Bloodcarver”. How would one carve blood anyway? Do you have to freeze it first?

A thing we know about Father is that he took all these eggs and retreated from the final battle where the rest of Dragonkind was slain.

So was this

(A) a tactical and somewhat noble ‘save the young so our kind can go on’ retreat. or
(B) a cowardly ‘take the eggs to justify to yourself saving your own ass’ retreat, or
(C) a sociopathic ‘take the eggs in order to have slaves after saving your own ass’ retreat?

Because these three possibilities would show some different possible sides of this character. I’m starting to be pretty sure that it’s not the first option.

Also… Can Father even exist on the mortal plane? Is he here alive because he used a hellmouth to escape, or is he here because the evil dead go to Hell?

Are those three mutually exclusive, though? Especially A and B, I’d imagine most people would prefer for sphinxes to not kill their entire race or to kill them personally either. Can’t blame him for being scared of something/s that killed every unhatched dragon bar him.

As I recall, the entire reason Michele’s great-great-etc-grandparents went into hiding was because the Sphinx were losing.

The dragons, on the other hand … well, they were being hunted by humans. That was the entire reason for meeting the white dragoness all the way back – she wanted to protect her family from human dragonhunters. Without the medallions…

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