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… Exactly what was he thinking how they were going to react? XD

Shhhh? He’s in a sea monster’s home pool, next to an Avalon with bugbears in. He’s been detected. Unless he’s just worried about the human public.

Alec: Y’ won’t be seen ‘ere. Just stretch up and talk. But no funny business.

Bloodcarver: This is supposed to be a private conversation…

Orville: With bugbears around? Dream on. :-}

Lily: *runs in* *takes selfie with the Bloodcarver* :-D Now to collect on some bets! *runs out*

Indeed, the Bloodcarver should be glad that he’ll be finished and out of there before the elders can meet and pass a resolution on him. >;=)>

It’s possible dragons are somehow bugbear-proof, or there wouldn’t have been all this shock and surprise in earlier episodes that they’re still around.

I suspect Stanley has been swimming around the poor dragon all the way up to the Avalon, trying to get him to play.

This is why dragons wanted medallions. It’s so damn hard to sneak anywhere, never mind just trying to get into a shop to pick up some fish and chips.

… I don’t know if that’s just the texture of michelle’s sweater, but in cartoons that checkerboard scratching usually signifies dirtiness, and combined with her scruffy legs, I almost would think I should be a bit concerned about her, but that could just be me o_O

Her legs…. I wonder if she’s just relaxed and let her fur out (must be nicer for Greg to rest on) but the sweater really looks…bad.
Kory, you are the artist – scruffy or texture, please?

2005, the ready-distressed ‘shipwreck’ style was popular.
Kory’s own description from the character studies for this story on Patreon:
“I tried to give Michelle a suitably 2005-esque outfit, so I put her in capri jeans and a roughspun shipwreck sweater.”

Bloodcarver looks pretty beat up. I take it things didn’t go so well after Michelle’s escape. Also Bloodcarver, you better say something fast you make your intentions clear. I’m assuming his intentions are just to talk, keeping in mind he let Michelle go. And maybe Greg and Michelle will take a moment to realize that he wouldn’t have given them the courtesy of “psst” if he wanted to hurt them. He was pretty efficient last time. :)

I’m really looking forward to see how this chapter unfolds. :D

I really hope this dragon turns out to be nice and friendly, rather than trying to continue/finish off the Sphinx/Dragon war.

Hmmm. Back on , there was an extra row of smaller houses atop a seemingly uninterrupted quay wall and, on the page before that, Stanley’s basin, too, between Bloodcarver and his shushees. I guess that an underwater tunnel or a fake wall alike the avalon’s fake roof would be doable, but wouldn’t that also allow Stanley to get *out*? I don’t quite see Bloodcarver climbing *over* the quay wall in broad daylight, much less unnoticed by the two sitting right on the other side of the basin …

[insert mental image of Bloodcarver picking a – to him, miniature, not to mention completely overgrown with kelp or somesuch – lock underwater to open the grate in the underwater passage that hasn’t been opened ever since Stanley moved into the basin]

Those are buildings on the dock walls, and riverside wharves.
The Stanley docks are on the east side of Regent Road.
The buildings and riverside wharves and docks are on the west side.
In the final image of Illumination chapter 3, the image is looking east at the Stanley Docks, from roughly mid-channel, so those small buildings are effectively midground detail in front of the actual Stanley Docks building.

Google Maps satellite view,-3.0006679,302m/data=!3m1!1e3

The first words out of Bloodcaver’s mouth should have been, “I’m sorry. Can you forgive?” Not because he is genuinely sorry, but a little humility might yield a better reaction.

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