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Lorne’s behavior here is (to me anyway) the behavior of someone who knows what the right thing to do is, and would do it if he were alone … But since Jimmy’s here to make sure he does, and he’s scared, he gets to voice the ‘scared’ part – secure in the knowledge that he won’t convince Jimmy, and relieved because he doesn’t really want to.

It’s a weird kind of doublethink, but I’ve witnessed it. And at least a couple of times done it.

That thinks he knows.
Given the size of the wood, getting back now only mean that two more people will get lost, will the adult are still unaware.

The correct move (though maybe not in wonderland) would be to first warn other people and get help (and tools, like maps, gps, communication device, actual knowledge of the wood, lights, flares… if available).
Then go back.

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