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I get the feeling Rupert is actually out of the woods and Lorne and Jimmy are running in circles like dummies.

Now that would be PRICELESS! Rupert went home and hid under his own bed, and they’re searching for him for hours! Yes! Also, I guess that might explain their relationship when they’re all grown up?

Thing is, they’re looking for Rupert, but they might FIND someone else. I wonder who?

This happens in real life WAY too often. With both pets and kids.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking of. Our dog ran off once and I spent an hour running around 4 miles looking for her. She came back around five minutes after I left. I didn’t have a phone at the time so I didn’t know till I came back.

as an exchange student in germany when i was around 12yo, it happened to me : i got lost, wandered around a bit , noticed the trick of the geography that made me lost initially and arrived at the place of the people hosting me… after about an hour and also five minute after they left searching for me.
despite not speaking the language and being in a new place, i panicked way less than the people responsible for me.

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