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And then Jimmy dies and that’s how Skin Deep ends forever.

Well, he sure got enough of a heart attack here to have taken a scenic tour through half a dozen variants of afterlife before the next panel, so I expect a travel agency to appear in the LA floorplans next with an ad poster “we help choose the best destination for your final trip” in one window and a ouija board with a “ASK FOR MY HOLIWAY SPECIAL! – JIM” graffiti in the other. >;->

Oh no I can’t believe Jimmy died and Skin Deep is done forever!! D:

I just thought of something. Lorne is (currently) an unturned Nemean Lion. Humans can get hurt and bleed, but not Nemean Lions (except by other Nemean Lions). Is the medallion magic strong enough to give them the illusion of getting hurt and bleed? Pain is an illusion, but blood is much more difficult to fake.

If it’s a firebreathing monster, it’s a pretty short one.

Or the fire’s not exactly on its breath.

(Or “monster” trumps “the orifice through which you breathe should best be evolved to be as high on your body as possible, because on this planet, water, dust etc. tend to go low“.)

Now, this is probably way off the wall, but… Think back to the last strip of the last chapter “This is a rescue” – Hellooo Jabberwock? “Jim sent me, I owe him a favor or two… I’ll let you out in Wonderland… RUN FOR THE MIRROR”

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