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and the bingo of “trust me while i am being actively untrustworthy” continue
this time with the “dont ask question, lets go”

This demon lack understanding about socials cues and empathy toward people with less information than she does about her own who and why . Which, to be fair, could be explained by her not having been able to leave Dis previously

If the helmouths ae just open why can’t se just go trough one? Why does she need Michelle?

Welp, I just caught up. That was amazing, and now I get to go back and re-read it to catch all (many) of the details I missed the first time around.

I note that Vera’s plan “bring everyone to the City to go through a well-known hellmouth there” is very similar to the plan “bring Michelle to the City and turn her in for social capital”. Plus, it’s likely that there are plenty of safer hellmouths around the perimeter of Dis. But the ones the dragons use are probably the most famous, so maybe Vera doesn’t know where the other ones are? On top of all that, Vera’s clearly very good at improvising, so she might be running both plans at once so she can pick the one that’s more likely to succeed at the last moment. Sooo many questions.

… speaking of hellmouths, where did the near-but-closed-ones go in the center panel? :-3

Another good question is why there supposedly aren’t any (usable) hellmouths between the boondocks (i.e., right here) and the very center. “We wanted to keep the dragons way out, but still had to give them hellmouths to use, so we installed a couple there, too” would be a neat explanation, but also effectively sinks the “the three of us can simply walk up to a downtown one” part of the plan.

… unless they’re literally integrated into the tunnels of a subway system? “Magic tunnels” demons use to commute to mortal-plane cities every morning? “Please check your disguise before the next station”? I’m putting too much thought into this … X-D

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