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Presumably Jon was also okay with transforming… if he wasn’t, Paul would never have heard the end of it. Jon and Lorne probably have widely differing opinions on the Nemean code and council, though…

The super strength and invulnerability helps.

Question about that, though, are Nemean Lions super strong and invulnerable when half or human shifted? If so, does that include those with Nemean Lion blood but haven’t gotten a medallion?

We have already seen Lorne display super-human strength while in mid-form. Presumably they would still lose their strength and invulnerability in human form, especially when unturned. We’ve seen a few times that unturned “humans” have zero access to their inherent powers/magic/abilities until after they’ve turned.
Since fine-control of the medallion’s transformation is a skill one can learn. Theoretically nemean lion’s (or any mythical creature) with medallions could practice transforming to a high enough degree of skill as to be able to retain their powers while appearing fully human.

He also picked up a human Jim while in his human form. I don’t know how magic works, but even if they weigh what human males of their respective sizes weigh, that’s still a lot of beanpole for anyone to pick up, so I would assume he keeps the super-human strength in all forms.

I would really like to see that story too! It sounds fun!
Also, readers question; What kind of bird’s are Harpy’s and are there more than one type?
Another question; What will Anthony look like when his feathers mature? yah know, since male birds are really colourful and stuff.

That was answered earlier on this very page, Ceylan.

Kory bases their plumage off coastal birds, like frigate birds.

Anthony is based off a frigate bird. Here’s a link to an image of one in flight:

Just had a thought…How much do medallions cost? I mean, if they are ancient items of such strong magic that they cannot be made anymore they’ve got to be enormously valuable. Not to mention that the magical community would crumble to bits if medallions were taken out of the picture. All the magical critters would be exposed to the human world and CENTURIES have passed since the art of making medallions was lost, so no getting new ones. Who knows how many have been lost or destroyed over that time. How are there even any unclaimed medallions left for Madam U or anyone to sell?!

Its simple economics: valuable item + limited quantity = $$$

Someone should tell Madam U about the goldmine she’s sitting on.

Hey Kory have you ever consider making medallion bracelets( in comic or real life) for those that don’t really wear necklaces? Just a thought.

In universe, not everyone does wear it as a pendant/necklace..
Jon wears his as the clip on his bolo tie.
Elise wears hers as a choker.
Having the Medallion worked into part of a bracelet, or arm or neck torc, that’d be cool to see.

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