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Off Hiatus! Skin Deep Returns Jan 13th!

Off Hiatus! Skin Deep Returns Jan 13th! published on 90 Comments on Off Hiatus! Skin Deep Returns Jan 13th!

Skin Deep is back! Kinda! Soon! January 13th!!! It’s called SKIN DEEP: ILLUMINATION and it’s PRETTY EXCITING! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for your patience during this long hiatus! I really needed it, and it felt great, but now I’m ready to get back to business with Skin Deep!

You may have noticed that I have a Kickstarter running for the third volume of Skin Deep: Greetings, From Dogpatch!

It’s ending NEXT TUESDAY and has a little more than $2K to raise! Yeah! Let’s do it!!!

See you on the 13th!


well, the cover suggests we’re finally getting a crossover between the Orientations and Exchanges casts.. i wonder if the main 4 are going to england, or if Jim’s family is coming to visit him..

Well seeing as they’ve got a child without a medallion, and Lorne’s in the picture. I think it’s more likely the 4 are going to the LA.

I mean, seeing as the last story set in the Ozarks was set in May of ’05, and Jim was supposed to go home after a year…

Dogpatch didn’t involve the college crew, except for mention of Michelle, and events in One-Eyed Bear.
One Eyed Bear was Halloween 2004, Homecoming was November 2004, and Ridiculous Creatures was winter 2004/2005 with Jim still in the US.
So we don’t, yet, know any of what was happening to them from the end of Ridiculous Creatures to Illuminations.

Okay so assuming the main 4 ARE going to the UK during summer like I’m assuming here, how is Greg’s family reunion going to fit into this? Assuming it’s got any relevance here.

Ohai Lorne! It’s been what, 3 years?

Yeah, it’s been a bit over 3 years since we last saw him at the end of Exchanges: Hello, Goodbye.
But there’s no clues, yet, as to when Illuminations is set, not even over on Pateron.
So, there’s only guesses as to when, and current favourite guess is sometime in 2005, so possibly in terms of time passage within Skin Deep, less than a year has passed since the start of events in both Orientations and Exchanges.

Why does Michelle look so SAD? You’re holding COLIN!

That’s what an extreme case of culture shock looks like. Hardly surprising when you consider the trouble she had dealing with just three mythicals. Imagine the problems she is going to face when she meets with a whole village of them, especially Alex, Elise, and Ike’s mom.

there is also the fact that everyone else is in full or mid forms.. and she won’t be able to leave human form without revealing she’s an ‘extinct’ sphinx.. having to stay human in a community where nearly everyone goes around in non-human form would probably make the culture shock even worse..

I hadn’t even thought of that, and the need to hide it, was spelled out to us in Orientations when the college group went to visit the local Avalon and talk to Eustace and Marshall.
And it’s even worse than what you thought of. She can’t even afford to risk talking about it whilst she visits the Finn’s home.
Over eager little Colin would likely blab it everywhere.

To be fair though, anyone who gets a look at her medallion would know what she is because its got the sphinx on it. If she runs across Madam U the sphinx is definitely out of the bag.

Squeeeeeee!!!!!! Skin Deep is back!!! (hyperventilates from excitement, dies)

Damn I can’t wait for the new series to start, it seems like forever since the last one.

Indeed it has.
I think I’ve re-read all the previous stories at least 10 times since the end of Reunion.
One of the things I’m hoping to see, is the harangue that Mary will give to Jim, over his lack of phone calls home.

This year definitely gets off to a great start. The new Medallions, the new book, and a new story.

Michelle and Elise in the same general area can’t be good. At least, our sphinx’ll get to brood with Anthony.

Why Elise and Michelle in particular? Elise doesn’t mix well with most anyone.

Elise’s vocal bigotry toward humans and Michelle’s knee-jerk mouth seem like fireworks just waiting to happen. :)


I haven’t been this excited since they announced the 3rd Harry Potter book. That’s right, you’re up there with Harry Potter, next to the webcomic Archipelago which is just wrapping up. Arch is a really good comic if you haven’t read it. You’d like it I think.

You’re a constant inspiration to me Kory! Keep on being awesome this year!


I literally fell of the bed when I saw this picture. I’m not kidding, I saw Michelle holding Colin, yelled “She meets the family!”, flailed, and fell off. C’est la vie.

Hope you enjoyed the break, o wonderous author, because we’ll be hard pressed to let you go after this. Not that we’d be able to STOP you, but it’s the principle of the thing and I’m rambling now.


Also, Cousin’s tail is tinted green… Could he be cursed too? Also, what was that about Paul being a ‘cavern guardian’ or whatever? What does that mean?
Soon, it will return.
Soon, we might know.

/screech of excitement.

Oh my goodness, I have been hoping for this since I first found this comic, a little more than a year ago… would it be too much to hope that all the ‘misfit’ people will meet? Michelle, Saumuel, Anthony, and Isaac?

Oh my but Colin looks happy to be held by somebody new! I wonder, though… How will Greg get through airport security? He’ll have to take his hat off, and he’ll be either hiding horns, or ears.

I can’t wait, though, OMG SQUEE ~ The ANTICIPATION! 8D

Why should he have to take off his knit cap? It’s not like his ears are metallic, or anything.

What is metallic, is the medallion hanging around his neck. All four of them have those, and declining to remove them at airport checkpoints is likely to result in some degree of hassle. How much hassle will depend on how dedicated the particular TSA agents they encounter are to acting like “Richard Craniums”.

Aww, I want a little gryphon too!

He won’t stay little for long, you know

Yeah, they grow up fast, and then you’ve got a big gryphon. You can’t exactly just drop those things off at the local shelter when you don’t want it anymore, you know?

I’m glad Greg seems to be coming along for the trip, been really curious about how he’s doing ever since makeouts with Michelle gave him even more satyr / goat-like features he can’t get rid of…

In the dark of the evening, the walled garden awaits. Over these walls, hissing and chanting, the word-eaters pace. The cold moss below, the cobbled edge above, they reach up and crow, “Tomorrow! Tomorrow!”
(*my friend whacks my arm* “You need to work on your rhymes!”)

Soon, the gang will get to the L.A.’s central plaza and see that the statues in the fountain include a Grecian sphinx and an Egyptian sphinx. When they remember Jim saying that he had never seen a species like Michelle, it’ll become obvious that Paul was right. He really does have the attention span of an adolescent satyr.

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