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Are thunderbirds totems? I recall when Anthony was transforming, thunderbird was considered and discarded from him being too small, but it doesn’t seem like totems work that way.

Alternatively, how does ethnicity and inherited human pheno and genotypes come to play with unturned mythical becoming full mythics. These days people are more than a little mixed.

Especially in cases where the mythic was several generations ago, you can get some very different combinations, but the human form is really just an illusion, so did they really not inherit anything from all of those generations of humans?

Sorry, just found the comic yesterday, and I’ve been wondering.

So I guess there was one Winter where Orville had as girlfriend living with him? Then there’d be the absolute joy of a pregnant Bugbear living in the avalon for a while. I guess that might have been the London avalon though but still…

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