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Cute. I hope your use all those characters in your comic.
I think you have enough material for like 12 more chapters.

a sound idea. Especially with all the prehistoric griffins, griffin hybrids, and cryptids. Plus, the sphinx as a dragon image could fix the issue of gargoyles that look too much like the good work Disney did in the 90s. It only needs the hard part: a plot and setting

please use her as a character. and I agree to 12 more chapters as stated above. Please consider cloning yourself so we may have great art in our old age without overly straining you. I am known for saying ” I’m an ideas person. I didn’t say many of them were GOOD ideas!”, but more comics to read is an idea I can get behind as an annoying 19-year-old fan. Also, love your dinosaur art; have you played jurassic world evolution yet? I myself am saving up and waiting until any dlc drops.

Can we have another French mythological, like the Carcolh?

Looking over the list of our mythological, I found traces of bugbears. The beast of Angles in Vendée, a giant bear terrorising people and the bugulnoz in Britanny, a mixture of leprechaun/werewolf terrorising children. They do get around, don’t they? Where are they from originally?

She is just SO DAMN CUTE! Thank you hugely for answering my question! I see bats pretty much every evening out here in the Sonoran Desert; I’ll be watching for this lovely lady. (Hey, you know, with her hands folding like that, she could probably give some tips to our resident half-Harpy.) I am curious about one thing, though– how does she walk? Bats’ feet are turned around backwards, more or less, so they can hang upside down.

Why would you ever walk when you can fly?

Well, if you’re a totem, because when you fly people can look up your dress? That’s pretty much the only reason I can come up with– oh, and you have to land to open doors. Smacking into them is painful.

The feet thing is one of the many reasons a lot of bats get stuck in people’s yards if they fly in and bump something– it’s not that they’re always hurt enough to be unable to fly out, it’s that they have a lot of trouble walking to a clear space where they can take wing.

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