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2024 Reader Question 105

2024 Reader Question 105 published on 6 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 105

I thought it’d be fun to do a little animated gif of one of my favorite panels from Obverse & Reverse! It might not have been the best choice, because as you can see between the pencils and the inking, I used a lot of off-screen reference for the background details. Doing a lot of google image searching for “1980s wood panel basement” and audio equipment and the like.


Wow, so the *texture-overlay* portion. Is that…. does it kind of just splash some subtle color variations?

The textures are two yellowed pieces of paper, they mostly serve to add some texture and color variety into the image and also give the whole thing a bit of a cohesive sepia color to tie all the colors together! I’ve been doing it for Skin Deep for years and years, so now it’s at the point if I don’t put them in it just doesn’t look like a finished comic page to me, haha.

Oh wow, that reel to reel brings back so many memories of being the only one able to use the one in the library when in elementary school. Not even the librarian knew how to use it. I knew mainly because I had one at home and so many cases of music, read along story books. still have it in working order at my younger brother’s house for his kids to listen to now and then on an archaic piece of technology. Right along with the Record/Cassette/8-track/radio stereo.

Plus those wall hung shelves above the TV, are you sure you didn’t somehow see a picture of my current dining room, complete with darker wood paneling. Although the carpet we no longer have.

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