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Do these birdfolk (of all kinds, totems harpies etc) suffer from bacteria and viruses as humans do? (Sure magic may allow better/easier treatment of symptoms, but still….) Because now I have to wonder, if they essentially eat with their feet, and those feet have been walking everywhere stepping in who-knows-what… Do they have special utensils, equivalents to forks, knives, chopsticks, etc? Or is it all like…finger foods to them?

I’m just thinking about how in Ye Olde Medieval times, medicine and knowledge of disease causes was a bit lacking compared to today. Which may well contribute to Anthony not wanting to use his feet to eat.

A couple of theories: their immune systems have adapted to allow resistance to typical stuff found in many floors, much like irl feral birds; they fly often and minimize their feet exposure; they don’t touch food directly with their feet (like in the picture, maybe using a wrapper or “glove”); or a combination of all of the above.

Although we suspect the answer is “yes they where”
where Welsh flag dragons part of the same catch all of dragons before they where extinct?
Was going to ask if they where a seperate species but that’s already kinda confirmed with the whole dragons as a catch all answer not to long ago.

Straws, now. How does that work without lips?

Well, there usually is a tongue somewhere inside the beak … use a straw long enough to get there and pince it between tongue and upper beak.

Fun fact, the only birds that have the ability to make any sort of “suction” type function are doves and pigeons! They make a sort of piston action with their tongue to move water up. All other birds either get moisture from their food or have to gravity drink by dipping their beak to scoop water and then tilting their head back. Perhaps being a sapient creature he can mimic the tongue action that pigeons can?

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