Handshakes 24: Sounds Racist


Hmm I don’t have alot of English voices to go on, but I typically imagine Paul sounding like a slightly more Naf (hehe love that word) version of Captain Price from CoD.

Joy’s abound imagining accents for these guys :D

Reading through this once more, Jim’s being a little of a hypocrite here, isn’t he? He strongly distrusts Bugbears, and yet he gave Jon a hard time for distrusting Manticore (even a half-breed).

Jim is at least basing *some* of his bugbear issues on personal experience. It’s not clear how many bugbears there are in the LA other than Alec, and it is clear that Alec is more than a bit of a jerk. According to this page, Jon has spent hardly anytime around Ike. His opinion is based entirely on what he’s heard about manticores ans crossbreeds.

Plus the only time we’ve seen Jim say anything about bugbears at all was in the middle of a *really* bad day, so he may may not distrust bugbears as much as his sentiments in “One-Eyed Bear” would imply.

well, i guess you could argue that point too, since it seems that bugbears go out of their way to seem creepy and untrustworthy, whereas a halfbreed manticore probably won’t want all the bad names and dirty looks people would give him, and want to make a better name for himself.

Just started rereading Exchanges today, and argh! I really, really want to see what Dermot looks like fully-transformed. I’ve never seen a reverse gryphon.

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