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Is that a rabbit with a human face or a weird breed of rabbit?

I don’t think he has a strictly human face, halfway rabbit and human seems more accurate

now i’m really wondering what Wonderland is like in this setting.. is Hyde’s remarks about a mirror literal, or just him poking fun over the literary connection?
and Barnaby’s (?) comment about time suggests that reality itself might work a bit different there..

I have vague memory about someone from the comic saying it was a prejudiced and class-system based place, or something, and they didn’t like Wonderland, but I don’t remember who said it. Someone who used to live there? It was in the Q&A pages. I’d love to know more about Wonderland. I hope we get to see more about it sometime!

I love how this universe Kory is letting us see is so complex and full.

Yes, I think Eleanor made reference to class and prejudice, Rupert made reference to sudden and unwarranted violence, and Mary Finn later made reference in-story to endemic rudeness. I can see how Hyde senior would dislike such things, especially if he was the receiver rather than the dispenser. Plus, one resident might be able to mess with him in a way that he would find both unfamiliar and disturbing.

Cheshire Cat: *fades in behind him, grin first* How are you getting on?

Orville: Gah! Stop doing that!! You’re not supposed to be able to sneak up on a bugbear!

Queen of Hearts: Who is making all that racket?! And why is he being so scruffy and slovenly in my presence??? OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!! And trim his nails while you’re about it!!!!

Orville: **** this… *heads for the exit*


So are Bugbears, like, PROFESSIONAL a-holes?

Yes … did you not notice ?

I did notice. That’s why I asked. We now have three case examples of Bugbears and all three are giant jerkwads. So I began to suspect that it’s part of their genetic makeup to be asses on a professional basis.

Myra doesn’t go out of her way to insult and mock people, whereas Alec and his father actively do so.
Added to that, she’s willing to use her Bugbear abilities to help people. With what we’ve seen of Alec and his father, I can’t see them being as willing or helpful, unless they can see a way to use their abilities to frighten, insult, or belittle a victim.
So I can’t see how Myra could be seen as somehow being a jerkwad.

So here is a question that I would like answered. Did the Hyde family have an ancestor named Doctor Jackle. And I am not trying to be funny OK.

…Isn’t that supposed to be “Dr. Jekyll” ?
So far, he seems to be completely missing from the Hyde family. Myra seems a bit rough around the edges, but she has a heart. She’s more a whole person.
Any idea how she lost her left eye, by the way?

Myra didn’t lost her eye. She uses an eyepatch in it because her medallion broke and now she is uable to hide her bugbear eye, much like Greg with his horns.Myra didn’t lost her eye. She uses an eyepatch in it because her medallion broke and now she is unable to hide her bugbear eye, much like Greg with his horns.

It was established long ago that Myra’s eye is fine. It’s just that her medallion is damaged (and has been since before she got it) so that it doesn’t camouflage that eye. So, when she’s in human form she wears an eye patch to hide the eerie glow.

Wait, is Nuala male or female?

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