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2024 Reader Question 112

2024 Reader Question 112 published on 14 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 112

About the only thing all the different types of gryphons will agree on is that reverse gryphons aren’t gryphons (even reverse gryphons will agree when pressed. I mean they don’t even have beaks).

The Skin Deep Pin Club is open! This quarter’s theme is the LIVERPOOL AVALON, and come August all members will get two enamel pins based off Liverpool Avalon storefronts, and an EMBROIDERED PATCH of the Underground sign! I’ve never done embroidered patches before, so I’m really excited about this one! Click here for more information on how to join the Pin Club!


How do medallions and/or the hiding spell handle illnesses when it comes to a creature that can’t normally get sick, or is unaffected by a specific type of illness?

Examples: The common cold, chicken pox, and the dreaded flu.

I’d imagine that you retain the resiliences of your ‘real’ form, and no one is ever really going to find it odd that someone just… never seems to be ill, and/or hasn’t broken any bones. being injured and ill is a transient state; no one is gonna be suspicious because you don’t take sick days. though I will concede that a Nemean Sole Survivor of a building collapse is gonna have to do some rather fast thinking.

Now, if a non-human turns up with a disease that humans normally don’t have, there may be some ████ to deal with when doctors on the evening news announce that Hirsute Whooping Liver has been detected in the human population for the first time…

What about mythical families who don’t live near Liverpool? Do they go on special vacations just to visit Madam U, or are medallion shops like hers actually somewhat common? (Like 1 per a country in Europe, or per every few state in the US kinda thing)

Okay, I’ve already made one for myself once, but I might as well see what you do with a similar concept for the Gryphonator.

See in DnD they have Owlbears… but I made a Bearowl. (Essentially, it’s just a bear’s head on an owl’s body, but the young ones look oh so cute.) So might as well see what you can do with a Bear-Owl gryphon. For obvious reasons, please no reverse…

How does Madame U come by her stock?

Probably from a few different sources:

(1) Bought from families who don’t expect to need them.

(2) Found in estate sales and thrift stores as “costume jewelry”.

(3) Bought from adventurous spelunkers who found them in abandoned dragon hoards.

an ABANDONED hoard? i wouldn’t think such a thing exists…. ( though I’m not sure i want to think of the logistics of those Hoards ending up in Limbo)

Remember, Dis Pater (or whatever he was called back then) was the only dragon who walked into Limbo; all the other (western) still alive were hatched from eggs he took to Limbo. So, most of the dragons who were killed in the Great War or by humans left hoards behind. I’m guessing they would mostly consist of mundane treasure, but the dragons who raided medallion smithies left stolen medallions in their hoards.

Of course, those hoards won’t be found by just any farmboy.

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