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Following up on Mark Spears’ post in the discussion of jubjub descriptions / physical properties on the previous page:

In The Hunting of the Snark, they describe its voice as being “shrill and high” like a pencil squeaking on a slate and scares those who hear it.

… I have a hunch that last-panel Lorne is inclined to declare someone else champion in that sport. >;->

Young Jim: Hey Lorne!

Young Lorne: ya?
Turns around but doesn’t see just

Jim jumps out of nowhere

Young Jim: BOO!

Young Lorne: ahhhhh!
Jumps to the ceiling and clings there.

Eash what a welcome to wonderland. Jim don’t sneak up Lorne ok?

[15 minutes later]
Mary: “… Lorne!? What are you doing up there?”
Lorne: “Umh … clinging to … something, it seems …”
Roald: “Young man, in the name of all us Wonderlanders, may I ask you not to leave clawmarks or the like in our magic anti-detection shield … !”
Jim [pops up from nowhere]: “NEW HEIGHT RECORD!!!”

Hmm, they seem to be able to tell he’s a nemean lion without giving him a medallion. I wonder how that works. Did he just try every other medallion first? Are they guessing based on his ancestry? Is is because his last name is literally Lyon? I guess that’s a question for the reader questions.

Doesn’t he have Nemean Lion parents?

Edit: The cast page says: “Jonathan Merrywhether Lyon – A malcontent Nemean Lion and Paul’s best friend. Jon basically raised his younger brother Lorne by himself and is very protective of him.” So they both had Nemean Lion parents.

As to why they’re not around… I don’t know.

Well, so far, it’s rather unclear how much Jon and Lorne ever learnt from their parents on such matters:
but if you got the ancestry nailed down (and the parents aren’t two different mythicals), the family can grab the proper type of medallion in advance, like with the Finns here:

(Of course, if one parent is a human, there’s always the possibility that the child will turn out to be one as well – and not need a medallion. Gee, now I wonder what madam U’s return policy for this part of her clientele might be … !)

“Overwhelmed” indeed. Anybody reading the original Alice books probably wonders why the poor girl didn’t spend most of her time in a fetal position. It might be because she was British.

I think you’re spot on… she does spend most of her time tapping her fot, hands on her hips, DEMANDING that everyone behave in a polite fashion. I could see her traveling to the colonies and demanding the ‘savages’ put on some decent clothing even while they’re holding her at spearpoint.

Young Lorne is quite the contrast to his older self, which is to be expected since almost nobody maintains the same general personality and/or mindset from when they were much younger, everything about us changes as we grow older, both physically and mentally, and our minds still have a lot of what is commonly referred to as neuroplasticity when we are much younger, which basically a fancy way of saying our minds have an adaptive quality to them that responds well to changes and stimuli, more or less.

Maketh me to wonder … are unturned Nemean Lions super-strong and invulnerable yet? Or is that only after they’ve turned?

You know, I just realized something… Lorne has bandaids on. A Nemean Lion. With boo-boos.

As far as I’m aware, he’s only invulnerable when a lion. I could be wrong?

With unturned( as in born human) Nemeans, until they have their medals, they’re still capable or being hurt, it’s just harder to do so. Think a fall that should break a bone will only fracture or sprain. A hard baseball to the head is a bad headache.

Once they have their medals, though, it’s all bets off. Tanking car hits is like a whack with a pool noodle.

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